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TTD Benefits Attorney Kentucky

You have been injured at work and know you need money to pay your bills, but the doctor has you off work. What benefits are you entitled to receive?

There are two phases to a Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Claim. The first is the temporary phase and is addressed here. During this phase, the injured worker is entitled to both income and medical benefits.

Income benefits: When a worker has been off work due to a work injury under doctor’s orders for a period of seven (7) days, the worker is entitled to begin receiving Temporary Total Disability “TTD” benefits. TTD benefits are 2/3 of the worker’s “average weekly wage”.

Example: You are making $10.00 per hour working 40 hours per week,
your average weekly wage is $400.00. This means 2/3 of
that amount is $266.80 per week is your TTD rate.

The injured worker is entitled to receive this amount until either of two things happens. (1) The worker is returned to work by any doctor or (2) the worker has reach “maximum medical improvement” (MMI). This simply means that some doctor has stated you have improved as much as possible with medical treatment. At this point you will enter the permanent phase.

Medical Benefits: The injured worker is entitled to reasonable medical care for the cure or relief of the work related injury. The workers’ compensation insurance company must pay for this treatment if reasonable and necessary. It is not uncommon for some procedures to be denied by the insurance company as not being necessary.

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