Petit Theft Defense

Corbin, Kentucky Criminal Defense Attorneys Defending Those Accused of Petit and Retail Theft

Corbin, Kentucky Criminal Defense Attorneys Defending Those Accused of Petit and Retail Theft

The Copeland & Romines Law Office, PLLC defends those accused of petit (also referred to as “petty theft”) and retail theft in Knox, Whitley, Laurel, and other southern Kentucky jurisdictions. If you’ve been arrested for theft, petit theft, or shoplifting in the commonwealth of Kentucky, you could be facing fines and imprisonment if you’re convicted. Additionally, most employers are reluctant to retain or hire someone who has a criminal record. You need the services of a competent and reputable criminal defense law firm to defend you against your charges. You need the criminal defense attorneys of Corbin’s Copeland & Romines Law Office.

Petit Theft and Retail Theft in Kentucky

In the commonwealth of Kentucky, if you take property belonging to another without his or her permission, it is a theft. If the value of that property is less than $500—whether it’s a single item or a number of items totaling that amount—it is a Class A misdemeanor. Oftentimes, individuals will be accused of attempting to conceal and remove items from a store. This is referred to as “shoplifting” and can be a misdemeanor or felony depending upon the value of the property taken. Just because you’ve been arrested for petty theft or retail theft, however, doesn’t mean that the prosecution will have enough evidence to convict you in a Kentucky criminal court. Certain elements to the crime must be established for a conviction, and the criminal defense lawyers of Copeland & Romines are extraordinarily adept at securing “not guilty” verdicts for our clients.

Private Criminal Defense Firm of Corbin, KY

The commonwealth of Kentucky takes a hard line on property crimes like misdemeanor shoplifting and petit theft. Don’t take chances with your liberty and employability. Many individuals who are charged with misdemeanor theft crimes in Kentucky feel that they can “make do” with a public defender. The fact of the matter is, however, that public defense attorneys are often overloaded with cases and under enormous pressure to plead out the charges. To many third parties, like employers, a plea of “no contest” is tantamount to a conviction. At Copeland & Romines Law Office, our criminal defense attorneys only recommend a negotiated plea when they feel it is in the best interest of our clients, and your criminal defense is our first priority.

The Copeland & Romines Law Office represents clients throughout the commonwealth of Kentucky including but not limited to: Knox County, Barbourville, Corbin, North Corbin, Whitley County, Williamsburg, Laurel County, London, and East Bernstadt. To schedule an appointment with one of our veteran criminal defense lawyers, contact our Corbin office at (606)-523-5103.