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Corbin Drug Trafficking Defense Attorneys: Crystal Meth

If you have been charged with selling or trafficking crystal methamphetamine in Corbin, Kentucky, you could be facing serious penalties if you are convicted. The State of Kentucky takes drug trafficking very seriously, and offenders may be left with a criminal record that will haunt them for years to come. It is important that you have representation from a skilled criminal defense attorney who can ensure that your rights are protected, and will fight to have the charges against you reduced or dropped altogether.

With decades of combined legal experience, the criminal defense lawyers of the Copeland & Romines Law Office, PLLC, are ready to go to bat for you. Since our firm was founded in 2003, we have worked hard to establish a reputation as one of Kentucky's most respected criminal defense law firms. We offer flexible appointment scheduling options and we accept Visa and Mastercard, making it easy for you to get the information you need from a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney.

Fighting Drug Trafficking Charges In Kentucky

There are a number of ways that a simple possession charge can be escalated to possession with intent to distribute, including the quantity of crystal meth or the other items found at the crime scene, such as cash, scales, or plastic bags. If you are charged with possessing methamphetamine with intent to distribute in Kentucky, you could be facing hefty fines and even jail time. If convicted, you may also find yourself with a criminal record that can affect your housing, education, and employment prospects for years down the road.

For these reasons, it is important that you take action to defend yourself against the criminal charges against you. Often, even the best public defenders don't have the time and resources to devote to your case that our experienced criminal defense attorneys will. You don't have to plead guilty, or accept a plea bargain. We are ready to review the details of your case and offer guidance in how to proceed.

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